• Water

    Access to and management of water are central issues in the arid West – both in daily life and in politics. Water issues play out in a host of ways in Hudspeth County, whether it’s the development of water infrastructure for communities here or flows on the Rio Grande. Northern Hudspeth County in particular has a unique and charged situation with regards to water. Dell City sits atop an abundant source of groundwater – known as the Bone Springs-Victorio Peak Aquifer; hydrologists say the aquifer is replenished by snow and rainfall in the mountains to the north, and the aquifer has a high rate of recharge. The abundant groundwater has sustained farming in the Dell Valley since the late 1940s, but has more recently drawn the attention of El Paso water planners and parties interested in marketing groundwater to the growing desert city. Conflicts over the future of the Dell Valley’s groundwater have generated lawsuits, one of which was ultimately decided by the Texas Supreme Court (Guitar Holding Co. LP v. Hudspeth County Underground Water Conservation District), and debates over the use of the Dell Valley's aquifer. and other ground- and surface water resources in the region, will doubtless shape life in Hudspeth County in the decades to come.