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Torchlight Sees Potential for “Big Project” at Hudspeth County Oil Lease
August 22, 2014

Torchlight Energy envisions “making history” with its new Hudspeth County oil-and-gas lease, by opening a new “shale...
Sag-Ashus – Fish Fries, Stag Parties and Wingdings
August 22, 2014

During the depths of the Great Depression in the 1930s, even though money was in very short supply, somehow a few of the prominent ranchers in Hudspeth County managed to host some memorable get-togethers that we may have mentioned briefly in previous columns. One of Sag’s earliest memories of these Depression-day wingdings was a fish fry pitched by grandpa Sag in the neighborhood of 1935. It was shortly after the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Boundary Commission had completed the channel...
Sierra Blanca Endures Another Water Outage
August 22, 2014

Sierra Blanca residents had to contend this weekend with extended periods of low water pressure, and a roughly 18-hour interruption in water service, after the system that transports drinking water to the community from Van Horn required a series of repairs. Drinking water for Sierra Blanca residents is piped from Van Horn, 35 miles away. The pipeline that transports the water was installed in the late 1970s and often requires repairs, especially during the monsoon season. Sierra Blanca endured...
Letters to the Editor – Northern Hudspeth County EMS: the Rest of the Story
August 15, 2014

We have heard and read a lot about NHC-EMS lately, but it was rather one-sided; it is time to hear the rest of the story:   Dell Telephone Corporation has graciously allowed, for the last decade or so, for an ambulance to be stationed at the telephone barn; they have even provided funding in the beginning. Mr. Denny Bergstrom has stated in an interview that they would still be willing to have an ambulance stationed at their barn, but personnel were never meant to stay there also.   Let’s...