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Nathanael Garcia, Dell City Senior, Runs Personal Best at State Track
May 16, 2014

Before the big crowd at UT-Austin’s Mike A. Myers Stadium this weekend, Dell City senior Nathanael Garcia rose to the occasion...
Sag-Ashus – Unknown Scenic Sites
May 16, 2014

There are several well-known scenic sites in our area, Guadalupe National Park being the foremost among them, but this week we would like to share with our readers where some of the lesser known but, in our mind, equally interesting sites can be found.   Let’s begin with a beautiful spot that is probably familiar to most Dell Valley residents, since it can be easily accessed by traveling a county road west and north from Dell City. This is a site where a lot of early-day history took...
Sag-Ashus – A Very Unusual Funeral
May 9, 2014

In our many years of watching this old world turn, Ole Sag has seen or heard tell of many eye-popping and credulity-stretching events. It is something for which, by the way, we are grateful, because it has given us material to fill these columns for the past two years. This week our lead story is about the very unusual funeral of a very unusual man.   A few years back we were called on to officiate at the memorial service of one William Woodcox, better known in local circles as Pink Panther....
For Fatigued Motorists, Hudspeth County Can Be “Nasty Stretch of Road” -- Spike in Rollover Deaths Associated with High Speeds, Driver Fatigue
May 9, 2014

In a little more than two months, accidents on Hudspeth County roadways have claimed 10 lives. The fatal accidents – all but one of which have been single-vehicle rollovers – underscore how rural West Texas highways, which lend themselves both to high speeds and to driver fatigue, can become “nasty stretches of road,” Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Elizabeth Barney said.   Though it is unclear why rollover fatalities have spiked in recent weeks, Barney noted that many of the accidents...