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Detained at Border Patrol Checkpoint, Man Dies in Suicide
October 24, 2014

A 36-year-old Arizona man died in Border Patrol custody Friday (Oct. 17), after hanging himself in his holding cell at the Hwy....
Sierra Blanca Mourns, After Sudden Death of High School Freshman Skylare Price
October 10, 2014

Sierra Blanca residents and the Hudspeth County community are grieving this week, following the tragic death of Skylare Price, a freshman at Sierra Blanca High School, on Saturday (Oct. 4). Skylare participated in Sierra Blanca homecoming celebrations Friday evening – she served as the student council representative to the homecoming queen’s court – and apparently passed away in bed in the early morning hours Saturday.   A memorial event will be held Friday (Oct. 10) in the Sierra...
Sag-Ashus – Earlier History of the Dell Valley Area
October 10, 2014

In our past several editions, we have been sharing stories relating to the development of irrigated farming in the Dell Valley and of the town of Dell City from 1945 to 1959. These stories were taken from a thesis written by Oleeta Etcheverry in 1959, and we chose to publish that section of her paper first, even though it was the last chapter in her presentation. In this week’s outing, we jump back to the very beginning, and the following is a verbatim transcript of her opening pages.   “Public...
Sag-Ashus – More From Oleeta
October 3, 2014

In our last couple of outings we have been bringing you some early history of the Dell Valley, taken from the pages of a thesis written by Oleeta Etcheverry in 1959. We hope that our loyal readers who are familiar with this area are finding these selections interesting, and if perhaps there are a few to whom these stories do not have much meaning, we beg of you to hang in there with us for a few more editions.   “Although Dell City had no newspaper of its own until Aug. 22, 1956, Mrs....